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Online Mentorship starting again in April

Nu är det äntligen dags för nästa omgång av 1:1 Mentorship program. Vi ses under 3 månader online där vi arbetar med din personliga utveckling och går från drömmar till verklighet. Du får under fyra samtal praktiska och spirituella verktyg som en gång för alla hjälper dig att börja leva ditt drömliv och sluta skjuta fram dina drömmar till sen. Sanna använder sig av sin gedigna kunskap som Beteendevetare, och vi kommer att arbeta med välbeprövade metoder som hjälper dig att skapa förändring på alla plan i livet. Är 2024 året du blommar ut och börjar leva det livet du verkligen förtjänar? Då är detta programmet för just DIG!

Hi! Im Sanna

A Multidimensional Energy Reader, Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Level 1-3 Teacher from Sweden.

I discovered my psychic abilities as a child, but it took me many years before I understood how to use it in my everyday life and how my gifts could help others.

2017 I injured my spine, which turned out to be the beginning of a deep spiritual transformation and soul journey. During this time I finally understood my lifes purpose and why I am here on earth in this lifetime.

Besides my spiritual practice, I love to h, hike watch sunsets and spend time out in nature. 

My biggest mission with my work is helping you understand who you truly are and not feel lonely on your spiritual journey. 

Medial vägledning online

Soul Guidance Reading 

During a Soul Guidance Reading I work as a multidimensional medium, channeling messages and guidance to help you on your soul path. 

I connect with your energy field and answers the questions you have by talking to your soul, guides and other light beings around you.

In a reading you get to connect with your galatic roots and understand more about your souls dna. This will help you understand your soul purpose, skills and how to connect with your inner wisdom and create your highest reality in this lifetime.

In a reading I tune in to multiple timelines to help you understand the energy patterns of your current reality, the past and the future.

Everyone is here on earth with a soul purpose but It so easy to feel lonely, overwhelmed and lost on this journey.

In a reading I will help you feel clarity about your life and connect with all soul aspects of who you truly are.

60 min online via zoom 2444 sek

30 min online via zoom 1444 sek

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(Please read the Terms and Conditions here before you book your session.)

Soul Guidance Mini Reading

In a Soul Guidance Mini Reading I connect with your energy field and answers the questions you have by talking to your soul, guides and other light beings around you. In a Mini Reading you have the opportunity to ask two specific questions to which I provide the answers to via a pdf send to you by email. This is for you who seek guidance in a specific area.

If you have more questions and need guidance in multiple areas in your life, I recommend you to book a Soul Guidance 60 minutes reading.

Mini Reading via email

444 sek

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Reiki Healing

The ancient healing treatment for body and soul.

60 min online 1100 sek

Reiki healing


Reiki -the ancient healing treatment for body and soul.

Reiki is an ancient healing treatment from Japan that helps you to balance your energy, get in touch with your body and to heal memories and emotions that are stuck within you. Reiki transforms energies, which helps the body and the energy field around you to recover and to return to their original frequency. Reiki is clinically proven to help increase feel good hormones  that lowers the stress levels and feelings of pain and tension in the body. Reiki also puts the body in the parasympathetic nervous system which is the state the body needs to be, in in order to recover and heal both physically and mentally.

After the treatment you will feel more calm, relaxed and at peace. Reiki is the perfect self care treatment when you are feeling stressed or unbalanced in your body.

Reiki healing long + Guidance 1100 sek

During a long session you will recive Reiki healing and channel guidance from your body and soul. Reiki + Guidance is the perfect treat if you seek a deep relaxation in the body combined with a unique spiritual experiance. The session is 60 minutes and takes place online via zoom. 

Reiki healing short 750 sek

During a short session we focus mainly on creating a soft, relaxing and recharging healing experience. This is for you who seek a calming moment of self love and to connect with your body and soul again. The session is 30 minutes and takes place online via zoom. 

(Please read the Terms and Conditions here before you book your session.)

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